OCSALM Special Wires and Leads born on 2004 on the effort of few firms that collected the experience groved in the years by the care of previous management


On 1964 two mechanical experts, Mr Graziano and Mr Mezza, founded the O.C.S.L.A.M., a Company that growed in the years, passing from pounches construction to realization of leads, wires and small assemblies

 Even donít loosing the handicraft approach, on the years the factory acquired sophisticated automatic equipments, to maintain the cost effectiveness on products conform to marketís request.

 New management collected such experience, adding new administrative tools and improving the Qualty system that will be qualified at soon accordigly to international standard

Partnership with Green Power Solutions  offers an expert commercial structure, jointed to the opportunity of co-operation with assembly Ė experts. This allows OCSALM to be constantly updated on technical and qualitative requirements